Since Robert Downey Jr. first donned Tony Stark’s Mark 1 suit in 2008’s “Iron Man,” he and his male co-stars have often commiserated about the discomfort they suffered while playing superheroes. But after strapping on the trademark armor in “Iron Man 3,” Gwyneth Paltrow said their complaints are unfounded.

“The suit’s really not so bad,” Paltrow told MTV News. “These boys whine up a storm, I’ll tell you. It’s really not that big a deal. It wasn’t that uncomfortable.”

Paltrow plays Pepper Potts, whose cool-headed management of Stark Enterprises keeps Tony grounded even when he’s flying off to fight bad guys. Paltrow thrilled at the prospect of not only wearing the armor, but in seeing her character become an equal to her male counterparts ? no longer just in the boardroom, but also on the battlefield.

“I was really hoping that Pepper would be more engaged in this movie and the evolution would happen for her,” Paltrow said. “We had talked about Pepper being in the suit in the second movie, and then for a series of reasons, that didn’t end up happening. But I was really happy ? not only that she was wearing the suit, but that you see her on equal ground with Tony in their interpersonal dynamic, as a CEO, and then she’s got all of this action.”

Paltrow also said she liked wearing the armor, not just because it offered her an unprecedented challenge as an actress, but because her son Moses was able to see her in action. “I actually really liked being in the suit. I thought it was really cool and very different for me,” she said. “My son was there and he was so psyched ? it was great.”

“Iron Man 3″ opens in theaters nationwide Friday.

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