Madonna Booed At Concert!

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Madonna was booed last night at one of her own concerts for shocker, speaking her mind. That is right apparently some of her fans did not like what the singer had to say and they let her know it. So what did Madge say that made her loyal fans boo her?

While performing in New Orleans last night Madonna decided it would be the perfect time to tell her fans who they should vote for, her choice of course Obama. Well some of those fans in the audience were not too thrilled with her suggestion or the fact that she decided to bring up politics at a concert. Although if you are a true Madonna fan you know she does the later all the freaking time, so that should not be very surprising at all.

The whole thing started when the singer said the below words to her adoring audience.

?Who?s registered to vote? ?I don?t care who you vote for as long as you vote for Obama.?

A pretty bold statement but one that she clearly felt was necessary. Madonna is known for controversy, especially when it comes to politics. I mean if you ever heard her sing ?I Love New York? live you know there is a little part in there where she doesn?t speak too highly of George Bush. Now I have no intentions of repeating those words but I will tell you to watch a the video of her singing the song from her last tour below that has those infamous worlds in them.

I saw her a couple a months ago and she was awesome of course but I will admit she was way too political for me. It was definitely not one of her better concerts in my eyes. That being said I can kind of understand why she got booed and that is not saying I dislike who she said to vote for or like who she said to vote for I am simply just saying the political crap is a little bit too much.

She wouldn?t be Madonna if she didn?t say whatever the heck she wanted but are people getting sick of her just spouting stuff off? I kind of think so, not that it will make a difference she is an icon, always will be but none the less I think it did make for a very disappointing concert. Anyway take a look at a video from last nights concert and let me hear what you have to say about it.

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