Lisa Robin Kelly Arrested?AGAIN!

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Lisa Robin Kelly, the actress who played Forman?s bimbo sister on That 70s Show, was arrested for an alleged domestic disturbance. This isn?t the first time she wound in cuffs ? and neither time it was for her bad acting.either. Shocker.

Just check out her mug shot. Something has gone terribly wrong since the show. I mean, it wasn?t that long ago, was it?

Anyway, she apparently got into such a heated argument with her husband that police ended up being called. At press time, both Kelly and her boyfriend were released on bond while this thing is sorted out.

42-year-old Kelly is so far being accused of attacking her 61-year-old husband. Both are being charged with misdemeanor assault.

As for the first time around, she was arrested for DUI and was put on probation until sometime last year after serving a single day in jail. She is incredibly lucky that none of this happened while she was still on probation.

Her mugshots are just not too flattering at all. They make her look she is on meth, but in fact, authorities say that drugs and alcohol were not factor.

Right now she is out on bond and obviously waiting for trial. I?m wondering if she will be offered a plea deal and walk with some kind of anger management plus probation. That?s usually the kind of deal that celebrities are given. Meanwhile plenty of average Joes end up with a much worse penalty.

The details on what led to the dispute have not been made available. I?m guessing that Kelly is not currently working because there have not been any released statements, which is common practice when celebs get arrested.

We?ll just have to wait and see what happens. Meanwhile, if you have any comments about Lisa Robin Kelly arrested, leave them below.

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