Lindsay Lohan Too Sick For Court

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Lindsay Lohan is due in court tomorrow for a pre-trial hearing in L.A. after her probation was revoked last month for allegedly lying to police.

Apparently the actress (can we still call her that?) is too sick to fly. She is currently in New York and has had her lawyer send over a Doctors note (what are we in high school?) and some documentation on how the flu epidemic has hit the city. Lindsay doesn?t have the flu, just an upper respiratory infection which would apparently put her, and others on the flight, at risk.


Here is the other kicker ? Lindsay  recently fired her amazeballz lawyer Shawn Holley and she is off the case. Her new lawyer, Mark Heller, believes in Lindsay?s innocence.

A source previously said:


Mark believes he can get Lindsay acquitted of all criminal charges stemming from her car accident in Santa Monica last summer.

Lindsay has convinced Mark that she never lied to cops when they asked her if she was driving the car that day.

There was a plea bargain offer on the table for Lindsay to go to rehab for nine months, but she absolutely refused that. Mark won?t sign off on a deal that sends Lindsay to rehab for more than 60 days.

If the judge refuses to accept the excuse, she could issue a warrant for Lindsay?s arrest, and that is quite likely. She was photographed shopping all over SOHO (with what money???) on the same day she apparently got to Dr.?s note! Um yea, let?s stop with the lying honey!

Now TMZ is reporting that their story scared her straight, and she is making plans to fly in ASAP. She is also begging her former layer, Shawn Holley, to come back. But Holley is over it!

TMZ will be livestreaming from court at 8:30 AM PT Wednesday, so stay tuned.


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