Matthew Fox: Facing Assault Charges

August 31, 2011 by admin  
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He had a rough weekend in Cleveland, Ohio, and now Matthew Fox is facing assault charges for allegedly punching a party bus driver.

Heather Borman filed the paperwork yesterday against the ?Lost? star, and told press that Fox was inebriated when he attempted to board her party bus.

She explained, “He smelled like a liquor cabinet, like a bar. I told him, ‘Sorry, buddy, this is a private party. You get off my vehicle.’ I told him three times.”

“(Fox) leaned in and started punching my crotch and breast. I took one hand to his jaw and he was spitting blood. He stumbled backwards. This was my self-defense. This was the only way I could protect myself… from a man beating up on a woman.”


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