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Tonight?s taped episode of Big Brother 13 will cover the POV contest and meeting. As we know from Sunday?s show, Porsche is HOH and nominated Rachel and Jordan for eviction. BUT?, Porsche also opened Pandora?s Box. While she won $10,000, that she has to split with another house guest, by opening the box she revived the ?Duo Twist? from earlier this season. Everybody paired up, Porsche with Kalia, Rachel with Jordan and Adam got stuck with Shelly.

As we saw on Sunday, the whole Shelly betrayal of the Jeff and Jordan alliance led to many fireworks in the Big Brother house. Shelly tried to justify her actions but she got nowhere with Jordan, who is angry that Jeff got voted out. Sort of makes you wonder if she now regrets sending Brendon packing instead of Shelly? Jordan certainly regrets giving up her phone call to home to Shelly.

Outside the house, Big Brother made national news as Shelly?s family has begun receiving death threats from fans. Some have even called her employer in Baton Rogue demanding that she be fired. CBS and the show?s producers have denounced these actions, as well they should, and have asked fans to behave themselves.

What goes around comes around and Rachel won the POV contest. Naturally, she used it to take Jordan and herself off the chopping block. Porsche replaced them with the only other pair available, Adam and Shelly. Since only three people can vote, Kalia, Rachel and Jordan, Rachel and Jordan now control who will be evicted. Needless to say, that will be Shelly.

Now, they are publicly making it sound to be a 50-50 decision as to whether they will boot Shelly or Adam. If for no other reason than to keep Adam in line. But even Kalia and Porsche have come to the point where they would rather keep Adam around than Shelly. Nobody trusts her anymore. So Shelly had her day in the sun, but it will come to an end on Thursday as she is sent packing.


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