Ashton Kutcher?s Violent Fight At Stagecoach Festival

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Ashton Kutcher?s violent fight at Stagecoach Music Festival is making headlines today after he got into a serious altercation with a security guard. However was it really his fault or was he actually defending himself and a fan?

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The Stagecoach Music Festival took place this weekend in Indio, California. It is the festival dedicated to Country Music, brining some of the genre?s biggest stars as well as up and comers. TMZ was first to break the story that Kutcher, dressed the part of a country fan in a cowboy hat and white t-shirt, got into a serious fight with a security guard at the event.

According to the website the actor was watching Nick 13 and Dwight Yoakam, in the VIP area of course, when a female fan approached. The story goes that when he turned to greet the fan, a couple of security guards intervened and shoved the two of them. This clearly did not go over well with Ashton and it became mass mayhem. Allegedly the That 70?s Show alum and the security got into a very violent shoving match, that was only resolved when Kutcher?s friends restrained him.

Despite the security guard demanding that Ashton be kicked out of the festival, word on the street is he left on his own after the fight. There has yet to be any comment from Kutcher or a his rep regarding what went down. However TMZ is usually pretty right on in their reporting, so I am inclined to believe the fight went down the way they said it did.

The Stagecoach Music Festival had a little special event, if you will that I am sure no one was anticipating, Ashton Kutcher?s violent fight with a security guard. I can?t wait to see how The Two and A Half Men star is going to spin this one. Although I must admit if the security guard was preventing the actor from being nice to a fan or getting violent with Ashton and the fan, then I think Kutcher was in the right to defend himself and the fan hoping to speak to him. What do you think?

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