Mara Wilson Explains Why Child Stars ?Go Crazy?

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Some of you may not know the name Mara Wilson but I am sure you remember her from the film Mrs. Doubtfire. She was the cute little girl that played Robin Williams daughter but today she is all grown up and speaking out on why child stars ?go crazy.?

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Mara, who also starred in Matilda as a child, knows what it is like to spend your childhood in the spotlight and she was dishing all about it in a recent article for the website Cracked. In what is a funny, yet not so funny article if you know what I mean, Wilson lists out seven reasons why child stars go off the deep end. She even gives trainwreck Lindsay Lohan some advise.

The article is titles ?7 Reasons Child Stars Go Crazy (An Insider?s Perspective)? is not only insightful but it is pretty funny. Yes the subject matter is serious but the way that Mara gets her points across is fabulous and proves that she is also one heck of a talented writer. Seriously her advice to Lilo to get out of the business is awesome and she does it in a witty/honest way. I could give you the play by play of the article but seriously you should just read it for yourself. I honestly thought it was freaking awesome, especially given the crazy antics of say Lilo and Amanda Bynes recently but that is of course just my two cents. I want to know what you think so once you read the article make sure to come back and give me your two cents.

The 25-year old actress, who lives in New York and is still in the biz, has managed to keep a low profile for years focusing on her life. It seems to be that she is focusing more on her writing than her acting and from what I read that is just fine.


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