Michael Girgenti: Paternity Suit For Mason Disick

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Michael Girgenti has filed a paternity suit for Mason Disick to prove he is the father of the three year old. He claims to see a resemblance that he can?t deny and that he did indeed have sex with Kourtney nine months prior.

the whole thing is ridiculous. Mason looks just like a mixture of Scot and Kourtney and this guy is nothing but another Kardashian joke. Maybe he is doing it for money, for 15 minutes, or maybe he is doing is because he really believes he is the father. But either way, the dide will likely be long forgotten next year.

The male model says,

?He immediately saw a striking resemblance and tried contacting her, to no avail, so he began a media blitz to get her attention.?

Michael is asking the judge to order DNA tests for Kourtney, Scott Disick, Mason and himself and a hearing is set for next month. Kourtney?s lawyer says these allegations are ?false and defamatory.?

I hope he is prepared for a lawsuit after it comes back negative, but kudos to a father trying to claim his kid??

I don;t know. maybe the Kardashians paid him to do this being Kimmie is all locked up till she loses the weight she gained. Cause ya know, they can?t be like real people. I can?t take credit for that theory BTW, just on of the many I have seen around the web.

Whatever the case may be, it is crazy that it is news. I mean who really cares/ Anyone? This rumor keeps popping up. So let?s settle it once and for all?.

Who do you think is Mason?s father? Will Michael Girgenti?s paternity suit for Mason Disick ever see the light of day? Sound off in the comment section below!

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