Nikki Reed & Paul McDonald: Marriage Made Easy

November 30, 2011 by admin  
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Ever the responsible pet owners, Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald were spotted out for a walk with their dog Enzo yesterday (November 29).

The ?New Moon? actress and her ?American Idol? stud husband both looked cool and casual as they strolled briskly down the Los Angeles street.

In a recent interview, Nikki shared that things have been going quite smoothly since she and Paul tied the knot last month.

“The first year [of marriage] is not the hardest. Gosh, if this is the hardest, then it?s gonna be easy breezy. Even under the most stressful circumstances he and I are such a good team.”

As for family expansion, Reed noted, “I?m not getting pregnant for a long time. One day [I want to], it’s just not what I?m thinking about right now, but I do. I’m young; he’s young [and] we want to be best friends and travel and do stuff.”


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