Chris Brown, Rihanna Tweeting Each Other?

December 31, 2011 by admin  
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Multiple sources are writing that Chris Brown and Rihanna have been tweeted sweet messages back and forth to each other. This is a bad idea, and Rihanna needs to just leave him alone.

First off, it?s really hard to be sure that they are actually sending these tweets to each other. They are not sending messages directly to each other and are definitely not doing Twitter mentions. I?m pretty sure that would violate the terms of their restraining order.

Yes, it?s worth mentioning that they have a restraining order against each other until sometime in 2014.

That hasn?t stopped them from sending tweets that seem to be obviously meant for each other. Here is the most recent one that has cause people to freak out:

@chrisbrown: Love U more than u know!

@rihanna: I?ll always love u #1LOVE

I?m sure they would be the first to say that those tweets aren?t meant to go together, but one came right after the other. Maybe they think this is the only way they can communicate without getting in trouble.

I?m surprised they are even allowed to have each other as Twitter followers. That doesn?t even make sense after what happened.

If Rihanna is smart, she will stay far away from Chris Brown. He was convicted of beating her so bad. This makes me sick. I just hope she doesn?t go running right back to him after the restraining order kicks in.

I think if they got back together it would definitely ruin her career. She has been doing so well since they split up. He has only had a few good songs, and has been invited to a few awards shows just because people feel bad for him.

Any parent or any one who is paying attention should immediately stop buying Rihanna?s CDs or music if she gets back with him. It would send the wrong message for sure.

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