Hart Of Dixie ?Mistresses & Misunderstandings? Episode Review

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The newest episode of Hart of Dixie features Zoe in a way never seen before by fans of the series ? uncharacteristically happy and giddy! Get the low down on Dixie?s latest episode entitled ?Mistresses and Misunderstandings? below.

It?s unlike Zoe Hart to be optimistic and happy, but after reading this week?s episode title, you could only think it could be one thing. Strangely enough it wasn?t. Zoe wasn?t excited about Wade or George, but that she has finally found a real female friend in Bluebell. Things are looking up for the new doctor in town, but unfortunately her new friend is Annabeth, a friend of Lemon?s, making the two have to run around town like secret lovers.

The best of the night included scenes of the two laughing, gossiping and actually seeing Zoe comfortable in her own skin. While the town had mixed feelings about this new Zoe, the only person deeply bothered by it was Wade. Secretly in love with her and afraid to make a move, Wade spends the majority of the episode convinced that Zoe has found a new boyfriend. Little does he know that the stranger in her apartment is actually Annabeth. Lemon also misses this latest change of events while she campaigns for the position of Memory Matron with the Belle?s.

In the end Wade?s worst nightmare comes true when Zoe gets the guts to plant one on Judson after what seems like an extra dose of self confidence from her new found girlfriend. Deciding to give it another shot, it looks like George and Wade will have to wait because Zoe is now wrapped up in a new relationship. Hopefully its short lived since her relationship with Wade would make for a more interesting storyline to see play out on the Hart of Dixie. Fans may not have to wait too long as the previews for next week seem to reconnect Wade and Zoe in a frustrating situation filled with plenty of tension.

Here?s the official run down on what?s up next for Zoe and the Bluebell gang in next week?s episode entitled Sweetie Pies and Sweaty Palms.

?Zoe avoids going to the Sweetie Pie Dance with Judson by having a girls? night with Rose. Meanwhile, Lemon sneakily sets her father up on a date for the dance; and George loses the save-the-date cards Lemon ordered for their wedding.?

Don?t forget to tell us what you thought of this week?s episode with Zoe and Annabeth?s new found friendship, and the beginning of a romance between Dr. Hart and Judson below.

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