Donald Trump FINALLY Fires Dayana Mendoza

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Dayana Mendoza may have been a Miss Universe, but Donald Trump finally fired her from Celebrity Apprentice last night. After another grueling Board Room show down between Dayana and Lisa Lampanelli, The Donald had had enough. This, despite the fact that bot Lisa and Clay Aikens argued that Dayana did very little in this week?s task of writing a jingle for the Good Sam organization. Once again, the so-called ?creative? talents of Lisa and Clay fell short, but they live to fight another day. Meanwhile, Aubrey O?Day managed to help Arsenio Hall win the task, despite his initial rejection of her game-winning suggestions.

Donald Trump may think the world of former Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza, but he still was forced to fire her from Celebrity Apprentice. Image Credit: Ivan Nikolov /

The fun begins with Trump telling both teams about this week?s task of creating a 90-second long jingle to promote the Good Sam cell phone app. Arsenio and Dayana are the Project Managers while Ivanka and Don Jr. are daddy?s viceroys. Right away things get dicey for Team Forte when Dayana asks Clay and Lisa if the jingle must be like a Christmas song? Jingle Bells, Dayana smells, Lisa has a fit! Oh poor Clay, he wants to stray and leave the show a bit. Things are not much better at Team Unanimous as Aubrey proposes an idea to use a cheer leading theme for their jingle. Arsenio shoots that idea down, along with her second one involving tap dancing. Teresa Giudice is game for either, but Arsenio refuses to tap dance.

But after meeting with an executive from Good Sam, Arsenio changes his tune. He agrees to go with the cheer leader concept. Since Aubrey is their team?s songbird, he decides to give her some latitude. As usual, give Aubrey an inch and she takes a mile. Clay and Lisa decide to do something more 1950-ish in terms of style. Dayana suggests 1980s, but they ignore her. They shut her out on pretty much every level. Dayana tries to insert herself back into the game, but Lisa throws a fit and storms off.

Forte?s presentation stinks. Unanimous starts off bad with Arsenio and Teresa pretending to be a married couple lost on the road at night after their car broke down. This got old quickly until Aubrey and her band of cheerleaders arrive. The Good Sam exec likes what he sees, especially Aubrey in her tiny, little outfit. Of course, he tells Don Jr. that she ?might? be showing too much skin. Uh-huh!

In the Board Room, Arsenio is all happy-slappy with few complaints. So Trump turns his attention to Forte where there are plenty of complaints. Dayana tells The Donald how Lisa and Clay ignored her, shut her out of everything and generally disrespected her. Lisa goes on yet another tirade about how useless Dayana is. Clay is more polite in his criticism of Dayana. Trump informs all that Unanimous won the task.

As Arsenio, Aubrey and Teresa celebrate in the Champagne Room, Dayana feels the heat in the Board Room. Donald Trump essentially ignores the fact that if what Clay and Lisa say is true, then they bear the full responsibility for their team?s loss. Forte bickers and bashes each other some more until Trump has heard enough. Donald Trump tells Dayana Mendoza that he thinks the world of her, but tells her she is fired. All in all, this was not one of the better episodes of Celebrity Apprentice this season. With just five players left, the next to go will probably be Teresa Giudice. I will predict a final showdown between Lisa Lampanelli and Aubrey O?Day. That is what America wants to see, two strong players, who like each other, competing for the grand prize.

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