Dominic Monaghan: Matthew Fox Beats Women

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Dominic Monaghan has gone off on a rant accusing Matthew Fox of beating women. A fan asked Dominic to urge Matthew to join Twitter and he quickly responded hell to the nah. Here is how it went down:

?Holla at matthew fox and tell him to get a twitter i beg of you,? a fan requested.

?He beats women. No thanks,? Monaghan tweeted in reply.

The fan responded in all caps.

?I KNOW IT WAS WRONG BUT WHAT?! What about all those good times you had together?!? she wrote.

?How did you know we ever did? You don?t know either of us. He beats women. Not isolated incidents. Often. Not interested,? Monaghan wrote back.

Of course Monaghan and Fox know each other well from working together for years on the set of Lost. Apparently Dominic is not friendly with his former co-star though. Dominic is referring to the incident last year in which Fox was accused of being hitting a female bus driver. No charges were pressed, but Fox has just not seemed to keep himself out of trouble. Earlier this month, he was arrested at 3:30 a.m. on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Honestly, it is hard to get celebrities to respond to twitter messages so I am shocked that Dominic chose this fan to respond to. He must feel pretty strongly about Matthew and the incident because why not just ignore it?

Matthew is a talented actor and seems to stay out of the spot light for the most part. Unless he is in trouble. I am not judging Matthew but I do think Dominic was out of line to tweet those messages, he could have left well enough alone.

What do you think about the twitter accusations?

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