Katie Holmes Files For Sole Custody

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Katie Holmes made quite the aggressive move today when she not only filed for divorce from Tom Cruise, but also filed for sole custody of their daughter, Suri. I never thought I would see the day when Katie was the one to file for divorce. I thought for sure when Katie got tool old for him, Tom would upgrade and move on.

It seems I was wrong about how passive Katie is. I guess Joey Potter may have rubbed off on her a bit for sure. Katie and Tom were a Hollywood power couple, and their split is kind of a shock. They haven?t been seen together since April, but that is not unusual. You would always see Katie and Suri, and Tom was usually not with them. It was normal. So the news of divorce was surprising. And the fact that Katie is seeking sole custody is surprising as well, though it is also very strategic.


She is said to be getting very good legal counsel, as filing in New York definitely has its benefits. Infidelity and abuse allegations are taken into higher consideration when it comes to divorce and custody disputes in New York, and California is considered a no fault state.

An attorney who spoke to US magazine explains,

?This is a very aggressive move on Katie?s part. Standard [filing] is joint legal [custody] with Katie as the parent of primary residence. Usually sole custody is requested when a person either wants to hurt the other parent or has evidence of a parent being unfit.?

I have a feeling this divorce and custody battle is going to get quite ugly. They have been a super private couple, and we don?t now squat about their marriage, but that may change soon.

I am not too keen on sole custody. I think that both parents have rights to the children and it is n the best interest of the children (unless there is abuse involved, of course) to be with both parents. I hope they can work this out for the best interest of Suri.




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