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It is Soap Dish time agan my friends and this week I am all about the Joshua Morrow backlash. The Young & The Restless hottie Morrow came under fire for a comment he made while appearing on The Talk earlier this week and I have lots to say about it.

The other day Joshua appeared on the CBS daytime talk show The Talk with his co-star Sharon Case, who has played his on again off again love inteest on Y&R for years. Well during that time he made this remark  ?I truly believe in my heart that they belong together? referring to the characters of Nick Newman, whoM Morrow plays and Sharon Newman, who Case plays. Well if you watch the soap opera you know that the character of Nick has also been paired with Phyllis played by Michelle Stafford. His on air comments ruffled some serious feathers and Twitter was blowing up about it. First came this Tweet from Stafford ?I totally hope @JoshuaMorrowYR gets to play the story he wants. He?s a doll and it has totally been my pleasure working with him everyday?

Later after reading the fan backlash and the words form his co-star and friend Joshua sent out this Tweet. ?I bothered some people 2day & my amazing co star @TheRealStafford by sayin I thot Nick&Sharon belong 2gether ? Red Tornado ya know I love ya. I hurt a very good friend today?.its not a great feeling.? So just to recount the actor expressed a feeling about a character he has played for years and a woman that character has loed for years. He never said anything about his current storyline or co-star or anything. I saw a clip from the The Talk, which you can see in the below video and what he was saying was very innocent it was all about the history of those two characters. Had he been on with someone else the topic would never hav e come up.

I can kind of see why the comment would rub Michelle Stafford the wrong way but I really do think that the whole entire thing was blown way out of portion. Fans are passionate I get it and they jumped to the defense of Stafford as well as the character of Phyllis but I truly believe the actor meant no malice when he made the remarks. I personally love Nick and Sharon together I have from day one. That is not to say that I don?t enjoy Nick with Phyllis either but I too agree with Morrow that Nick and Sharon are soul-mates and belong together. That being said you are talking about fictional characters in a fictional world so people should chill out and that is exactly what Michelle said when she released this Tweet later.  ?And for all u Tweeps who think I am mad at @JoshuaMorrowYR or am hurt by him?get over it? I forever have mad love for him??

The backlash that Joshua Morrow has been receiving this week was crap that is all I have to say. That is it for this week?s edition of Soap Dish make sure to check back next week to see what I am dishing about.

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